Here are the pawsome games that are offered on buildabearville!  (Does anyone know what those badges are for?)

  1. Bear Hugs:  Click on the Bears to Hug them but watch out for the ones with masks
  2. Run Fur The Stuffing:  Run back and fourth, trying to catch as many clothes as you can, dump them in the bin when your basket is full
  3. Pawsitively Green Recycling Game:  sort the recyclables in the bins
  4. Scavenger Sweep: Find Ten items of trash around BABV
  5. Bearrific Drummers:  Beat the drums in a pattern
  6. Canine Care: Take care of the puppy before the timer runs out
  7. Bobbing Fur Apples: Bob for as many apples as you can to reach the next level
  8. Pie Eating Contest: Click buttons as fast as you can to eat the pies and beat the other bear
  9. Words Fur the Birds: Guess the word before you dunk the bear into the water
  10. Friendship Forest Photo Safari: Take Pictures of the Cute Animals before they run away
  11. Dive Beary Deep: Dive underwater and avoid the eel and other dangers in your way
  12. Furbulous Flyer Golf: Throw the frisbee at the target
  13. Kick it Quick: kick the ball and try not to drop it
  14. Fast Paw:  Keep the ball in the air and don’t let it touch the ground
  15. Honey Zone Skateboarding: How many tricks can you do on a skateboard?
  16. Hide and Seek: Tag all your friends before they tag you!
  17. Gone Fishing: Fish in the pond for some pawsome stuff
  18. Fast and Furbulous Shapes:  Math with shapes
  19. Bears and Pairs: memory matching game
  20. Bears and Pairs World Holidays: holiday memory matching game with world facts*
  21. DJ Furbulous: Be a DJ, pick a song and decided who plays in the band
  22. Shake Your Honey: Dance Dance Revolution Buildabearville style


  1. Bear-2-Bear Tug-a-Hug:   Tug of war buildabearville style
  2. Bear-2-Bear Balloon Toss: Toss balloons at your friends sand castle and try to knock it down before they knock yours down
  3. Bear-2-Bear Racing:  Race a friend around a track
  4. Bear-2-Bear Baseball: Hit the ball and try to get more points than your friend
  5. Bear-2-Bear Soccer: take turns kicking the soccer ball into the net before your friend blocks it
  6. Beach Comber:  Dig in the sand and find all the shell before your friend does


  1. Furtastic Fountain:  throw three coins into the fountain for the chance to get bearbills or a rare item
  2. Environmentally Pawsome Nature Walk:  walk around Babv and find five nature items
  3. Pawsome Panda Check list:  Check off all ten items for 100 bearbills (Thank you, Quinn)



BearHead Quest:

Go click on Bearemy when you join Build-A-Bearville,  and go on thr BearHead quest! Here are the answers:

1) On the Buildabear Workshop store.
2) Inside BABW and above the stuffing machine.
3) Coffee Shop roof in the fabulous fashion district.
4) Pawlette Coufur above door in the Fabulous Fashion Dis.
5) The arch in Bear University.
6) On the race track in the Sportsplex.
7)On the leaf bear in the Pawforming Arts Center
8) On top of the house in the Neighborhood
9)Garden in Paw Park.
10)Behind the bench in friendship forest park

*Thanks to BellaStylin3