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Hey everyone! Lets have some fun…..Try and name any type of biscuits!   ( Totally random, LOL! )

Do you love cereal? Want to join a club and talk about it? Then join the coolest club ever…THE CEREAL CLUB!

current members:

  • Anastasia    
  • Molly                      Favorite Cereal: Capt’n Crunch

Love Hair? Hate Hair? Want to tell others about it? Join this club!

Love Clothes? Want to chat about them? have outfits you love or hate?

Join this club and tell others all about it!

Someone new it coming to the “CHLOESHOW!” It has just been confirmed that it is…

Shea Megale and her dog Mercer!

I don’t think she will be singing the Love.Hugs.Peace song, though. She may be talking about her life or her book. I am so excited to see her! Yay!

now you can only have 200 friends 😦 Better get starting to get rid of some before the 5th of May or they will delete them!

If you can find the secret password that leads the the secret password page, I will give you a prize. It’s real easy! All you have to do is check out my site and a clue that leads to the password, then check all of the comments and find the password, click the link to the Secret Password page, enter the password and post on the page.  I will meet you on Babv and give you a prize (maybe something from the bear boutique!). Hope to see you there!

Quinn= http://qtpiequinn15.wordpress.com/

Haley= http://haleyprincess54.wordpress.com/

Kenna= http://kenna4evaxox.wordpress.com/







If you have any new and awesome sites please comment us!

  • check out these pics of ana and quinn spending time together (click on a picture for larger view)
  • New Code: XL29-MY8G-XY2X  (Blue Messanger Bag)
  • New Code: 9t8y-5868-vpf9   You can also check the codes link for other codes.
  • We are going to have our very own reporter! Her name is Chanel4leafclover60 and she is a very talented news reporter. Check out her first story about what it’s like to be a Cybear Guide. Click the news report link above or this link here: https://buildabearvillepawsomeblog.wordpress.com/chanel4leafclover60-news-reports/ or read her new report at https://buildabearvillepawsomeblog.wordpress.com/work-in-babv/
  • Check out The NadiaRockerBear4 Scam.  There was a girl asking for usernames and passwords in the promise of store credits.  I, anastasiasnugglebear5,  proved her to be a fraud.  Check out the story under THE NADIAROCKERBEAR4 SCAM.  We are keeping an eye out for you!
  • Also there will be some contests that you pawsome buildabearvillians can enter!
  • BY: Quinn…..  Yes I am now part of the Buildabearville team.  I hope all of you Beariffic Bearvillains enter the contest once they are here.  Any Questions for me just leave some. On my page.  My other page is http://qtpiequinn15.wordpress.com/  This site and that are awesome information sites for Babv.  I am going to try to help keep this site as updated as I can. lol 🙂 Thanks!  ♥Quinn xoxo  (To make the ♥ press Alt and to the way right of your keyboard press 3 only once)(If you press Alt and a whole bunch of those numbers at the right of your keyboard who knows what you’ll make!)

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